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Protect What We Rebuilt

GTB Internship 2022
Team project
My roles: Copywriter, Conceptualiser,
Team player and Cheerleader.

As a team, we were asked to build a campaign for the Pfizer booster Vaccine.

Targeting caregivers who believe in the vaccine, and have gotten their first dose, but need a bit of convincing to participate in the booster.


We created an interactive sensory, FOMO campaign to remind people of the importance of doing the little things.

"We are creatures of socialization, nature and exploration. During the pandemic the entire world had to sit, missing out on things we never thought we would miss out on; like sending our children to school, celebrating our loved ones, even playing on the beach. These are the moments that allow us to be human. We all went through this together and have a lot more in common than we acknowledge. We can’t take back what we lost, but we can protect what we rebuilt, together".

Main Campaign

Overall OOH Culture Update copy.jpg
Overall OOH School.jpg

Sensory Spaces
Campaign Extension

Sensory Spaces is an interactive hub for our campaign! You walk through our sensory space and you can be part of a big birthday party, play in the sand with strangers, get the best window seat on the train, and find resources to get boosted! Let's all enjoy these moments together, as a reminder to protect our progress.

Additional Campaign Extensions
Face Filter and TikTok

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